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Recently Discontinued Products

May 28, 2021

Recently Discontinued Products

From time-to-time we take a look at the sales of each of our products to help us determine whether or not we should continue with a particular product and/or scent.  Sometimes we purchase scents pre-blended and the company who blends them discontinues a scent blend we use which means it is no longer available to us.  In both of these cases, the result is usually a discontinued product or two.   

The following products have been recently discontinued:

Pink Grapefruit Soap & Shampoo Bars (there are still shampoo bars available as of this posting)

Hippie Chick Soap & Body Butter 

Teakwood Soap & Shave Soap (these are still available as of this posting)

Good Karma Soap

Mysterious Soap

Love Soap (this is still available as of this posting)

We are sorry if a favorite of yours is on this list and sincerely hope you are able to find a new favorite!


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