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Vegetable Peeler - Maple Wood

This beautiful veggie peeler is handcrafted right here at Cobble Hill Farm.  It features a 5-inch long handle crafted from maple wood and a stainless steel head with peeler blade.  The head will unscrew from the handle for cleaning purposes.

Each of our handcrafted wood products is unique, turned by hand, and one of a kind.

Care:  Should be hand-washed and not cleaned in a dishwasher.  Treat your vegetable peeler handle just like you do your wooden spoons.  Once in awhile it should be treated with a board butter, coconut oil, or food-grade mineral oil.  To treat: take your clean peeler handle and, using a soft clean towel or paper towel, rub on a small amount of the oil/butter.  Let sit overnight to soak in, or at least for a few hours.  With another clean towel wipe off any excess so it doesn't feel sticky at all.  It's all set to be used again!

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