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Shaving Bowl (Rudd Pottery) - Kettle Black w/Gold Flecks

Old-fashioned shaving products are back!  This beautiful handcrafted shaving bowl is handcrafted in Upstate NY by an incredibly talented potter.  The angles are placed into the mug allowing it to be held comfortably in the hand whether you shave in or out of the shower. The bowl is a deep kettle black accented by gold flecks when hit by the light just right.

Why use a shaving brush and bowl?  Shaving brushes make a nicer lather, use less soap, open up your pores and allow for a closer shave.  Paired with a mug or bowl that fits our specially formulated shaving soap, it's the perfect way to get a close, less irritating shave not to mention helps lengthen the life of the soap.

Coupled with a bar of our shaving soap and our badger hair shaving brush, this makes the perfect set to enhance your shaving routine!

**Please note, this is for the bowl only.  Brush and soap sold separately.  These bowls are handcrafted and, therefore, may have slight differences.**

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