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Shave Brush Handcrafted Of Blue Spalted Maple Wood With Synthetic Knot

Old-fashioned shaving products are back!  Razors, shaving soap and shaving brushes have grown in popularity over the past couple of years and for good reason.  They work great!  

This stunning shaving brush is handcrafted from spalted Maple wood that we dyed with a blue dye.  The result is a remarkable swirled coloring of gold, brown, and blues.  It is designed and handcrafted right here on our farm and features a comfortable handle and a premium-grade synthetic knot.

Shaving brushes make a nicer lather, use less soap, open up your pores and allow for a closer shave.  High-quality brushes help alleviate razor burn and irritation.

Coupled with a bar of our shaving soap, they are the perfect set to enhance your shaving routine.

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