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How-To Replace Pen Refill

Sierra Style Pens:

  1. Uses a Parker-Style refill.
  2. These pens are front-loading pens and contain a spring.  Be careful not to lose the spring when changing out the ink.
  3. Although the 2 pen ends will unscrew from each other, it is much easier to switch out the refill if you pull the ends apart and NOT unscrew them.
  4. To pull them apart, grasp the pen on both sides of the metal circle where the 2 ends screw together (one hand on the pocket clip section and one hand on the pen tip section) and pull the pen apart.
  5. Pull out the cartridge with spring attached.  
  6. Unscrew the 2 ends of the cartridge, revealing the ink.  Replace with ink with the refill and screw the 2 ends together.
  7. Re-attach the spring and place back into the pen tip end of the pen.  
  8. Place the pocket clip end of the pen on the other end and carefully push 2 ends back together.


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